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NEW Program for Solder Products!

SolderMask, Inc. and Production Analysis Learning Services, L.L.C. have joined forces to promote Amtech Solder Products.

Kathy Palumbo and Frank Kurisu have developed a unique program to demonstrate the different Amtech Solder Products to clients without jeopardizing their Printed Circuit Boards or components. 

This program along with the Amtech Solder Products has proven to be very successful in allowing clients to judge the Amtech Solder Products against their current solder supplier.

The program includes technical support from Kathy Palumbo, President of Production Analysis Learning Services, L.L.C.  With her vast background in SMT assembly, Kathy’s ability to troubleshoot soldering issues is a great resource to our clients.

Please call us to discuss your solder paste, bar, wire, or flux needs.