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♦  Liquid Photoimageable Solder Masks
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Liquid Photoimageable Solder Application

Since the introduction of Liquid Photoimageable Solder Masks (LPSIM) in the late 1980's, SolderMask, Inc. has continued to be the premier service-bureau applying it to PCB's.

SolderMask, Inc. was the first service bureau in the nation to install a Class 100,000 Clean Room for application of LPISM. We have the ability to modify the Clean Room to a Class 10,000 standard when required.

We are unsurpassed in our ability to apply LPISM on rigid, rigid/flex, and flexible PCB's.

We have developed special applications for customers requiring LPISM onto 24 mm, 48 mm, and 72 mm film strips reel to reel. This is one of many special applications we have developed working with our customers.

We currently apply most LPISM's available in the United States including:


♦  Coates ImageCure XV501T & XV501TSM
♦  Coates ImageFlex (Flexible Solder Mask) XV 601T
♦  Taiyo PSR 4000 BN and 4000 AUS5
♦  Taiyo PSR 9000 (Flexible)

Other solder mask and colors available upon request.